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Monday, November 03, 2008

The Risks of Our Vote....

I was visiting with a couple of friends the other day and as usual politics came up. They know I suffer from electionitis and am political junky...have no idea where they got that idea!
Senator Obama came up, of course, one is a supporter and one is not...
The supporter stated to me "..if he doesn't win we live in a country of racists!" and before I could respond the non-supporter says "oh I sure hope he loses, we don't need a radical muslim running our country"
I sat there a moment shaking my head, wondering if this is what it felt like when Alice went down the hole with the rabbit, was this real? Over 20 months have passed and people actually still believe this crap?
After I regained my thoughts I immediately set out to well...set them BOTH straight.
It was easy, I only needed to point at the latter to show the first why Obama's being black was the least of his worries. I told him this is the ONLY reason Obama would lose, people NOT educating themselves on the FACTS.
I then tried to go on and inform them that the senator is NOT a muslim etc etc...
then what I heard shocked me even more....
The non-supporter says to me "ya well I just can't take the chance. You know Al-Qaeida stated they would get us from the inside"
WOW!! the blinders some people wear still totally shock me!
Does anyone really believe that 45 years ago Bin Laden called up Senator Obama's parents and told them this boy will grow up to be President of the USA and then we will take it over!?
and if for a minute you really think they did, and that Obama is their Manchurian Candidate then explain to me PLEASE....why would anyone go through the trouble of waiting all these years, waiting for a boy named Barack to grow up, go to college, then successfully get into politics....all of this to put a man in a position to take over America....if they did this...then tell me please why would they risk their beloved 'secret weapon' by attacking the U.S on 9/11/2001??
Why would they risk his chance at the presidency by sending a surge of fear into the spines of all American's making them fear Islamic Muslims??
Does that really make any sense to anyone?? Seriously!!??
Senator Obama was already in the legislature, a successful politician in Illinois when the attacks happened. Does anyone really believe Bin Laden to be that stupid?? The man successfully attacked Americans ON American soil....there is NOTHING stupid about this radical dictator!
It is the stupidity of those that would 'rather not take a risk' that will prevent this Senator Obama from moving our country forward. Was a Republican President not in office when the attacks happened? Was it not a Republican President that ignored the warnings?
Senator McCain claims he can find Bin Laden, he knows how!!! but he just isn't going to do it unless he's president??? uhh what part of American Hero does that? ohhh I bet its the same one that ran below deck after his aircraft caught fire and chose to watch his comrades lose their lives fighting that fire on a closed circuit television than actually be up above helping to save their lives! The same 'hero' that ignored the warning signals on his aircraft because he wanted to be a 'hero' and got himself shot down. The same hero that wants to tax our health care benefits? The same hero that boasts about being a Maverick yet voted over 90% of the time with President Bush?
Well I am willing to TAKE A CHANCE so that my child may have the right to a CURE, that she will keep her right to CHOOSE and that she will keep her right to live in her OWN community.
Americans use to vote on the issues that were important to them and their families, our votes should never be based on fear,lies, twisted facts or hatred.
Our VOTE is our ONLY true VOICE in this country, the one that speaks LOUDER than anything we ever do.
I encourage each of you, regardless of whom you support, to STAND UP, to SPEAK, to send your VOICE across the miles and VOTE!
VOTE on the issues that matter to you, but do so with FACTS, show the world we are NOT sheep and that we don't follow anyone's bandwagon, we search the FACTS, we are EDUCATED, and no matter the outcome we are the UNITED States of America!
The road is sometimes bumpy but it is always winding.....


cindymb said...

I totally agree, the fear factor has been raised and too many people of both parties are using it to advance their own adgenda. It doesn't matter how you cast your vote as long as you do so. As long as you are voting on the issues instead of the sound bites there is no right or wrong vote.

Voting is a very personal issue and like religion should not be used as a club to prove you are right and the rest of the world is wrong.

Jack said...

A resounding AMEN to that cindymb!!!
They actually brought up the question of possible 'riots' if Obama loses on the View today and I about fell over!
Naturally we all want our candidate to win, but being a sore loser is NOT the American way!
I just want us all to do our part to VOTE, to ensure the process if FAIR, LEGAL and SECURE...then when its over to reach across the aisle and shake hands like we mean it!