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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Scenic Route....

There seems to be a strange and eerie calm over the political front and I am not sure if this is the 'calm before the storm' or if McCain/Palin finally ran out of filth to spew...but either way I am grateful for the reprieve.
Last nite I actually saw a McCain ad that did NOT once mention Obama, his supposed allies or anything negative about his opponent! **I know I know...I almost fell off my sofa!** Then a few minutes later I saw an Obama ad that not once attacked McCain either! **this didn't surprise me as much...but I was equally thankful**

Could we actually see peace this final stretch of the race?...hmmmm...NAH!! lol* but while Senator Obama is busy with a family crisis I find the cease fire cause for celebration :)
**** update**** a mere 24 hours later my television is overrun with new negative mudslinging ads*sigh***** hey it was nice ....for a moment****

The crew and I send many positive thoughts and healing vibrations out to Obama's grandmother and wish only that her time with Barack is spent in love and laughter, creating those warm memories that will surely carry him through whatever grief awaits.
I send my own personal well wishes to 'grandma' as well, I think Obama's grandmother stands as a symbol of great compassion and strength. This woman embraced her bi-racial grandson in an era where the rest of the world no doubt condemned him. She not only embraced him, she loved him in the truest of fashion, she took him in and raised him up like the blood that he is. It took great courage for his grandparents to do all that they have and I honor them!

I awoke this morning with the now usual aches and pains to find the cold, wind and rain outside my window. A whopping 38 degrees cradles NorthWest Iowa this morning and yet I find myself standing in gratitude.
I certainly dislike the cold; especially when mixed with rain and wind, but how wonderful to be presented with this day, a day where I am still FREE.
Still free to log onto the internet and bitch about anything I want!

so here is the bitch....(oh you knew it was coming)...

Now I am all for competitive play; we do have 2 very different candidates for president
I am all for strategic moves; McCain did pull Palin out of his ass..oh I mean Hat.
I am a 100% supporter of FREE SPEECH; both sides have spewing the typical 'pick me' BS.

When the McCain campaign began slamming community organizers as peons, when they began overly repeating the claim to 'executive experience', or when Palin misquoted Margaret Albright in an attempt to force women to vote for her, or exploited her new baby trying to create a connection or bond with special needs parents that just doesn't exist and even when they began clinging to the Bill Ayers aquaintance association, or polluted the airwaves with robo calls of false allegations intended to frighten voters I was annoyed, but chalked it up to desperation.
When the Republican National Committee began distributing VILE, HATE-FILLED mailers to voters I have NOW HAD ENOUGH!
The mailers in question can be viewed at
When your only hope of winning an election is to create FEAR, TERROR AND INTIMIDATION OF THE VERY VOTERS you seek to win its time to throw in the towel!!!
John McCain should be ASHAMED!!!!!
What kind of American Hero turns on a fellow American? What kind of 'hero' plays politics like a 3rd grader on the playground?
I can only imagine the fear he has now instilled across our great country with these lies and bullshit, how many voters has he now convince to NOT vote at all? How many fellow AMERICANS has he now removed from the process?
There are laws against what he is doing, its called DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER and he should be thanking Obama for being a better man and NOT suing his stupid ass, or better yet, for not pounding his damn head in!!!!
If you get one of these mailers I do hope you check the FACTS yourself, throw it away and remember if this is the only way McCain can win then it doesn't say much about his policies does it!!!!!

ahhhhhh this winding where did I put my steamroller.......


cindymb said...

I agree, the character assaination by the McCain/Palin group clearly represents desperation. Unfortunately there are people who take those desparate claims as facts.

Jack said...

cindymb you are SOOO right! no matter the situation, when character assassinations begin its the truest sign of desperation. You can witness this on the playgrounds of America and in the rocky marriages world wide.
The Obama campaign hasn't had to resort to this simply because he is the better man, but his policies speak for themselves :)