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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hand Out or Hand Up??

Here we are again, debating yet another bail out!
Now the auto industry wants a piece of the Poulson Pie~ claiming the economy has sent them into the abyss of potential mass lay-offs and factory closings.
The 'Big Three' slithered into the Capitol begging for relief, yet they arrived in style on a Private Jet!?
Hey if your gonna need to make an impression of poverty upon the likes of Henry Poulson you better do it in a over priced suit, a private jet and a personal income of 23 million a year! yep...that will do it~
I don't know about you, but when our government starts rewarding bad business practices our economy is doomed for sure. The price of free enterprise will sky-rocket and the middle-class once again will be footing the bill.
Instead of asking our government for a hand-out, how about cutting those CEO wages, selling those jets, sending a hatchet into corporate? Imagine the MILLIONS you would save then!
These automakers do NOT need a bail out funded by you and me, they need a good ole fashioned brow beating and sent home with wallets emptied!
Of course those pathetic, self-centered, egotistical white collar money mongers are not about to give up their cushy wages to save their own companies...why should they? If the factory closes they may be out of a job but you can guarantee there is some Golden Parachute standing in the wings to cushion their fall.
On the flip side, if they don't get their 'bail out' money we still pay the price for it!
With over 20thousand jobs hanging in the balance you and I will still be held by our purse strings to cover the cost of such a catastrophe. Sure some will get unemployment benefits, but those of us in the real world know that is a minimal compensation for supporting a family. Food assistance and medicaid programs will have record enrollment and although we are not in Michigan, keep in mind those programs are funded with matched Federal dollars~aka YOU & ME!
So either way we pay for it!
I tell ya what I am gonna sit myself down today and write up my own proposal for a Bail Out, and I am not going to include all the years I have paid my bills on time, or that I have always lived within my means~ that doesn't matter to our government....nope. I am going to list all the credit cards I am going to decide to just stop paying on, the mortgage I have had for the last 7 years and how I am just going to NOT pay it anymore, then I am going to make a list of all the bad things that are going to happen to my local economy if I go bankrupt. How the 2 people I employ will be without jobs, how all those houses will be left with filthy, dirty carpets without my business to clean them. And of course since I won't be working anymore I won't need to put gas in my vehicle as often, and as one who always fills up locally my neighborhood convenience store will miss me. Just like the 'Big Three' want us to ignore the great success of Toyota in the U.S, I am going to ignore the facts my competitors are doing well. They don't matter...what matters is ME!!! I Will have to buy less groceries, no more movie nite, no more donations to local charity's, and to hell with the little kids at my door trying to sell me candles for band equipment!!
Yep..then I am going to file for assistance benefits, food stamps, medicaid and whatever else I can get my hands know ...cuz I can.
Then I am going to make my final plea, I will board a charter plane (hey I don't have a private one), fly into Washington and insist that the millions of dollars I pay myself (just because it sounds good) is justified and necessary yet without a millions of dollars hand-out my company just wont make it.
Hey...isn't that the NEW American Way???
Henry Poulson has already proven he IS NOT responsible either when it comes to managing that kind of money~not a single dime spent thus far has stopped a single foreclosure, saved a single blue-collar job or stimulated a single economy! Yet he continues to be in charge of all that money!
The pundits screamed that Obama was going to turn us into a Socialist Nation...hmmm perhaps their own reflections were confusing them!
Our government now OWNS 80% in the Largest Insurance Company in know otherwise we couldn't give them all those millions of dollars to fund that snappy vacay they all took before the ink was dry! Now we are buying up an interest in hundreds of Banks.....hmm perhaps the Auto-industry is next!! and all BEFORE Obama takes office....
I can't help but wonder how many people, 4 years from now, will remember it was the Bush Administration that started all this? How many will only remember Obama for being the 'Bail Out President'?
Nothing like a hurdle at the starting line of this winding road ....


cindymb said...

Want to start an argument, just mention the possibility of letting one of the greed mongers' businesses fail. Why should they be held to the same business standards and ethics as everyone else. I mean, just because you and I are allowed to fail doesn't mean that the corporate stuffed shirts should be allowed to fail or even be held accountable for their own bad decisions.

Only in America is failure to change with the times rewarded with more money to continue with status quo.

Jack said...

Amen to that!~
The first Bail Out should NEVER have been approved & the line up outside the Capitol is only proof of a dangerous trend they started!