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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Content of His Character~

Tonite history was again set into motion in the United States of America~ and along with the celebration of what is to become we find ourselves standing in awe, perhaps hearing in the distance that familiar voice, the words of a southern preacher as he shares his dream~
For the day has come that a man TRULY was measured ' the content of his character and not the color of his skin...'!!
As is the American way, when times are hard and things begin to look bleak we stand up, we reach out and we UNITE!
A dream is realized on this 4th day of November 2008, a dream that THE American Dream truly belongs to ANYONE!
My daughters can now see that hard work, standing for what you believe in, even when its not popular, rising above the rhetoric, embracing those who do not agree with you, You CAN rise up, you CAN aspire to GREATNESS~
One man and a MILLION VOICES rose up tonite, they rose up in a harmony never heard, they rose up TOGETHER for a common purpose and a common goal~the echo resounding around the WORLD.....

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