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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hatred on the Day of Change~

The world is in an uproar !
The entire idea of Pastor Warren even being present at this historical inauguration makes the skin of many boil, not to mention the news he will actually speak on this joyous day!
Warren is no more than a toxic hate monger who seeks to spread his venom through out our country~ Now some can understand the Obama Administrations desire to reach out and embrace those whom we disagree with, but you sure as hell wouldn't invite Hitler to speak would you?
Many feel this goes beyond tolerance.
Warren himself doesn't even seek tolerance, he doesn't seek to embrace the other side!
This man only seeks to spread his filth across the land while he hides behind his god!
Well I assure you I have no clue WHAT god Warren prays to, but it certainly cannot be a loving god.
Its obvious from the hate that spills from Warrens lips, his is not a god that teaches 'love thy neighbor', nor a god who tells his flock to 'treat others as you would be treated'.
Oh NO..Warren's god doesn't remind him there is only ONE judge in this Universe~
Warren himself has decided he IS the judge, the jury and the voice of the almighty!!
His hatred is NOT the format on which our country can move forward!
No amount of embracement will clear his clouded judgements against his fellow brothers and sisters!
I can only hope that those of us that demanded this change in our Country,
in our Government & in OURSELVES rise up above the rhetoric of hatred and fear
that we rise up and embrace one another that we hold onto each others hands and not allow this man to weave his prejudice into the fabric of our world,
our NEW World.
I implore everyone to stand up as one Nation and let Warrens words fall upon deafness
Let that deafness reverberate around the world so that others may hear
Let this country echo our unity
Warren is but one man, one small burr on the side of a wounded people
Do not let his hatred spill over into your lives
Do not let his prejudice rule your world.
Let him speak....and let his words fall upon a Nation who does NOT hear
A Nation that is resistant, strong...
A Nation he cannot penetrate with the loudest of sermons.
Let this man know, We shall not fall
This Nation shall rise up as ONE
Let him know this Nation will not be divided
We will NOT again be persuaded by lies and fear
It is NOT President-Elect Obama's job to wipe hatred, prejudice, fear and filth out of our lives,
It is OUR job~
WE are the ONLY ones that can determine what influences us
What truths WE hold to be true
What lives WE wish to lead
What direction WE want our country to move
"WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED States, in order to FORM a MORE perfect Union, ESTABLISH justice, INSURE domestic TRANQUILITY, PROVIDE for the common DEFENSE, PROMOTE the general WELFARE, and SECURE the BLESSINGS of LIBERTY to OURSELVES and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the UNITED States of AMERICA"~~
*sound familiar?*
get off your soap boxes and stop pointing fingers~
If Pastor Warren has an influence over your life, your country then YOU ALLOWED IT.

I will close with a quote from Mohandas Gandhi~
*The Difference between what we CHOOSE to do and what we CAN do, would suffice to solve all the worlds problems*

~ahh just another bump in this ever winding road~