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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gotta Have Faith...

While 2010 left much to be desired it seems it has spilled over into 2011 as though the calendar has not changed at all.
We went to bed on December 31st an awoke on January one with the same arguments, fights and mudslinging we have darted and dodged for the last 10 years. One side claiming they are better and more deserving than the other to reap the benefits of America's Freedoms, both sides forgetting that ALL of us are deserving. One side claims it wants less government but wants the government to control that decision. The other side claims it wants more government under the guise of 'regulation' but wants the people to control that decision.
One side wants their 'god' to make the laws and the other insists 'god' has no place in government yet incites the Christian bible everytime they think it will further their cause.
The fact is we all need Faith! Faith is what builds us up, without it everything can tear you down. I am not talking about religion people! Religion has its place and its not in politics, but Faith... our government could use a lot more of that and so could the American people!
According to Webster Faith is: allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty b (1) : fidelity to one's promises (2) : sincerity of intentions.
"sincerity of intentions" "loyalty" "fidelity to one's promises".....ponder that a moment!
When was the last time anyone in office had some FAITH??
8 days into the year an already tragedy slaps the American people upside the head....again. Behind the scene of another rampage shooting is another young man with another gun and 6 dead with others wounded. Among the dead a Judge and a 9yr old girl. Among the wounded the main target of the event, Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford who remains in ICU in critical condition from a gunshot to the back of the head.
Within minutes of the breaking news people everywhere were scrambling to make sense of it, twist it, monopolize it, sensationalize it an of course point blame. Here, however, the key word would be 'point', as hundreds of people began linking up video footage of Gifford reprimanding Sarah Palin for her website which included the image of a snipers scope displayed over Gifford's district, along with all the other 'democratic' districts out there. Gifford was going on about it being dangerous and frightening. Now Gifford has been shot. Coincidence? well that would depend on how you view coincidence.
As seems to be the new American way the masses gathered on the left to point blame at the right and insist it was Palin's fault this all happened. The right gathered in a defensive line that became split down the middle. Half defending Palin's right to free speech the other half cowering in the corner an saying anything to distance themselves from her.
I was intrigued by Palin's website, no denying it had a great effect on those who follow her cracked pot beliefs and negative energy. But I don't blame her for what the boy did.
Alot of people were doing an saying alot of things and pointing alot of fingers, but what no one seemed to be doing was seeing this situation for exactly what it was, a horrific tragedy!
A horrendous display of a young mans snap from reality and the lives that were lost and no one was saying that we as a country should come together and end the hatred that is enveloping us and causing us to turn on one another. No one was preaching FAITH!
Do I think Palin should've taken the site down? Out of respect for the families involved yes she should've and yes she did do exactly that.
Do I think Palin should be blamed for an entire country filled with hate, discontent and a bubbling uprising of a revolt against ourselves? Absolutely!
Should she be blamed alone? HELL NO!! This is not one persons creation! One person did not cause this upheaval. One person did not plant these seeds of negativity. That my friend took an entire Nation.
None of us can control how others will or wont react to the things we do or say, but we all must realize our words and actions have consequences. What we do have control over is what we as individuals say and do. We can't stop others from spreading the fire the has enflamed our country but we have complete control over whether or not we PUT IT OUT!
We all MUST have and practice FAITH! mean what we say and say only what we mean, then stand behind it!!
We are a nation fully absorbed by the 24hour news cycle that technology has afforded us, we all bathe in the constant flowing waters of the media. If we submerge ourselves in negativity, hatred, prejudice and biggotry it is only a matter of time before we drowned.
Here's hoping this winding road of 2011 takes away from the crossroads and into a world of FAITH!~