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Sunday, March 05, 2006

And so the year continues....

Now that the ground hog has predicted our fate and we are winding up 6 more weeks of crappy weather, you may find yourself pondering whether or not a ground hog can actually predict the future. Is this perhaps where Miss Cleo vanished to? Is this perhaps the fate she was given for her fraudulant ways? Did our government somehow transform her into a rodent? Oh...wait.....that really wouldn't have changed her much would it have??
Mother Earth continues to keep us on our toes and in our snow boots as the days of the year unravel. March, the so called month of the Lion, is upon us and roaring loudly in our ears.
The wind howls as the Doppler Radars struggle to keep up, and the weather persons of Iowa dream of retirement from their inability to predict the outcome of each cloud that passes by.
I am sure whomever it was that named Chicago the 'windy city' had never been to Iowa! or maybe they were and a gust of Iowa love threw them into oblivion letting go over Chicago where they landed with a thump scratching there heads and scraping the corn dust from their eyes.
The reporters are blasting through the airwaves that Hurricane, Tornado and Severe Weather season is upon us...My question to you is...WHEN DID IT STOP??
I don't recall a END to the seasons..where was I ?
I am sure I missed it while I was do doubt hangin out in the underground with Miss Cleo drinking corn whiskey that we made while tapping into the local Ethanol Plant supply :)
It was easy enough to do...the police were too busy watching the Anhydrous tanks to pay attention to the corn bins!!
Did you ever think you would live in a world where it would be suspicious to purchase Sudafed with Batteries??? Or windshield washer fluid with Drano? But no one bats an eye when you ask for 3 packs of ZigZags!!
Ahhhh yes the year the continues down this winding highway...
t.r mugler