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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A New Day~

And so it begins~
We each awoke to the dawning of a new day, with hope, inspiration & an eager desire to embrace the change we loudly requested on Election Day & we bask in the light of a sun many have not seen for years.
However, the stage is not yet set, the passing of the torch not yet complete. 2008 must first roll out, much in the same fashion as it rolled in. The country's least favorite former cheerleader still presides over our fate. Many cannot help but to continue the backward glance, watching, wondering what the curret administration will fail to pack up, what will they insist on leaving behind? What hidden surprises will they hide in the nooks & the cranny's, what boobie traps await the next President?
Will the Bush Administration slip some major locked in spending under the rug so that they can blame the next Administration for being inept at handling our money?
Will the infamous Bail Out come back and bite Obama? Will America forget how President Bush & HIS Secretary of the Treasury INSISTED on its passage?
The indictment of Paul Schlesselman and Daniel Cowart for the alleged plotting & planning of a mass murder that would have included the assassination of Senator Obama reminds us all that while we have certainly made great strides in our country we have yet to reach the mountain top. There is much work left to do & I emplore each of you to do your part to bring Equality & Peace to our own country.
It is unfortunate as well that while race is still a very real issue in our country, even in light of this historic election, unfortunately other prejudices still run rampant in our world as well. Yesterday voters in the state of California are claiming victory to ban same-sex marriages in their state. While not all the votes have been counted, some 300 absentee ballots remain at large, a law to legalize discrimination in California very well may be written.
I have no doubt what this win was fueled by, as supporters of Proposition 8 stood on every corner within the vicinity of every polling booth waving their signs of HATE & spewing their words of FEAR. Proclamations of 'gays teaching your children how to be gay' stung the ears of voters & again I am reminded the top of that mountain is barely in our sights.
It is my greatest wish that on this day of renewed HOPE & on this day of new beginnings that we as a Nation rise up and embrace one another so that our children will one day embrace their neighbor without hesitation or fear!
The holiday seasons are now upon us; Hannukah, Yule, Christmas & Kwanzaa~ may we each go into the season wiser, more hopeful, more accepting & more thankful for our FREEDOMS & those that fought to protect them~

ahhh this winding road~new asphalt is always smooth in the beginning......

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