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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stay Up 'Til 4 In The Morning...

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I've been trying to do homework all night but got stuck on both of my iLabs, so I decided it's now time for a reality check and to feed the readers of our amazing blog some of Iowa's freshest and tastiest Asphalt.

First of all, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read anything that I wrote because it helps with the ratings. Second of all, do NOT steer away from this website before commenting on something Jack or I wrote because we get in trouble every time you do that. Support the blog!

Thanksgiving is just 4 days away! I'll be working (of course), but it's the same every year regardless of whether I'm there or not. My grandpa goes hunting for rabid turkeys to attempt to feed to us while we sit around the table in the house trying to think of any excuse that we can not to have to touch whatever he brings into the house with our mouths. Normally I like to be antisocial and sit upstairs and play my Nintendo DS, PSP, or even do homework on my laptop all the while counting ways to annoy my cousin, Beefy.

Next week is midterms. Yeah... let's not talk about it.

Here's some exciting news! Tomorrow (November 19th) is "Have A Bad Day Day". I expect all of your to reach for your potential on this one! A few good ideas to try are:

  1. Not wear underpants in public.
  2. Drive while intoxicated.
  3. Visit David Copperfield's private island.
  4. Be the head of a fan club that promised fans easy tickets.
  5. Post a video on demanding that people leave Britney Spears alone.

Each of those three are sure-fire bets for a guaranteed train-wreck sort of day! I mean... except maybe number three, it depends what you're into and that's your decision. I'm kind of leaning towards number one, myself. I was also thinking about number five, but youtube's standards probably wouldn't allow me to insert a video with that sort of content.

That's all from me for tonight! Thanks to myself for writing such an amazing, first blog! You all have a pleasant today, and a horrible tomorrow!

Goodnight, everybody!