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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Millionaire Plumber's? Now THAT is the American Dream! all knew this was coming!!
Bloggers all over the world have been frantically slamming cyber space with comments, laughs and personal insights on the now infamous Joe the Plumber that rocked last nights debate! Well here is my take...
Simply put... I WANNA BE A PLUMBER!!!!
hell yah!!! I had no idea they made more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!! I am soooooooo in the wrong business!
Yep I wanna be Joe, I wanna make tons of money, and YEP I WILL GLADLY pay MORE TAXES....WHY NOT? I will suddenly be able to afford too.
Never have I seen a candidate for Presidency put his chances of winning in the hands of ONE voter! I believe we can now finally say McCain has LOST IT! ahahaah
Seriously though... I agree with one thing from Last Night in this regard, Joe the Plumber DOES COUNT! just as all hard working Americans do.
It just doesn't matter if you are a plumber, a mechanic, a trash collector or a stock broker, ALL OF US count and matter and its high time we had a President that is willing to include us all in the conversation.
Now some of you may think that last night John McCain was that person, but I direct you to go back and watch it again. While McCain very clearly wants to help Joe Plumber, the guy he believes will be making over a quarter of a million dollars, the guy he doesn't want to raise taxes on because he shouldn't have to pay more just because he makes more, is the ONLY blue collar guy McCain sent his love out to, and ONLY because he thinks Joe will make tons of money.
so what happened to you and me in that conversation? Where do we sit on the McCain list of priorities?

While Obama quietly, calmly and clearly included us all in his plans for the future, the majority of his time was spent AGAIN explaining, refuting, endlessly beating the horses that were pronounced DEAD in the primaries. McCain just couldn't help himself..he walked into that debate last nite with defibrillator in hand..he was on a mission of DISTRACTION!
uhmmm wasn't it George W's long list of distractions that has gotten us where we are today?
and yet McCain declared 'I AM NOT GEORGE BUSH'!!!
Well, while I may have hooped and hollered, congratulating the man on finally getting the ball he failed to make the shot! During his stomping of his feet he forgot to explain WHY he is NOT George W. I mean, come on, we know the obvious reasons!! DNA.
But other than genetics, HOW is he NOT the same?

On a lighter note, Joe was not the ONLY interesting 'guy' taking the spotlight in last nights ring. How many of YOU saw the EDin08 signs flashing in the crowds and stumbled over your own feet to find out WHO IS ED?? Oh Don't go lying...I am pretty sure at least 250,000 of you did! How do I know..was I watching from the window outside? Nope..I was there with you, desperately trying to get into the site that was so overloaded with hits, its server hit the dirt!
And I wonder if, like me, you laughed out loud to discover whom ED is :) Well ED has my vote!

So while last nights debate was not the yawn fest of the last two matches, it certainly drew no blood by either candidate.

Joe/ED '08 !!!!!!

sometimes the road winds and the detour takes you to an unexpected place...this was one of those times....


KyDust said...

I'm glad plumbers get paid a lot because that is one job I would never ever do! Unless it was first-time installing, at least. This just goes to show how Mario and Luigi paved the way for plumbers everywhere, just like we're paving a way through Iowa! So maybe we can become millionaires yet too!

I still can't find who Joe and Ed are. )= lol

Jack said...

Ky you are sooo right!! I totally had forgotten but yep I do think we owe a debt of gratitude to the world of Mario for turning our great plumbers in millionaires!

btw... Joe is a plumber in Ohio and ED well you can find out all about ED at

RedWing said...

great post Jack! While I find the site about Ed interesting, I never could find out who ED actually was...unless it's short for Education. Maybe that's it?

Anyway... there are plenty of COMMERCIAL plumbers who make more than $250k as long as they own the business. I doubt any employee of a plumber makes that much.

I'm sure you've heard that poor Joe is now going to have to pay his taxes, get a plumbing license and take care of that lien on his house. hahahahah

Jack said...

LOL* yes I did hear about poor Joe!
I also know commercial plumber's making major bucks, but its the COMPANY making it, not their PERSONAL paycheck incomes, and thats really what pple need to remember about Obama's tax plan. It goes by YOUR personal income NOT that of your business.
but either way, if I were Joe, I would kick McCain's ass just for ruining my life ahahhahahaha
I bet he NEVER asks a candidate another question again!!

and yes ED is short for Education! :)