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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Super Highway or Bi-Way to Hell?

Information Super Highway or Information Detour?
While the internet has certainly put the world at our fingertips it has also been put into the hands of EVERYONE and that includes the drama queens, exaggerators, drug dealers, pedophiles, racists, haters, sex-offenders, religious freaks, terrorists and yes even our children!!
What has happened is that while you and I enjoy surfing the web, perhaps finding that new recipe or long forgotten one, or reading the local news and even the national headlines. Unfortunately it also means that every sick freak on the planet can also learn how to make a bomb, buy some Oxycodon, download porn while uploading their own collections.
Oh but let's not forget the world wide web is not just for the voyeur, thanks in part to the 1st Amendment, microsoft and intel we can also post our own information for the world to view.
Yep! We can each upload our photo, someone elses photo, our own recipe's, illegally share our music files, and let's not forget post our opinions on a blog like this one.
However, it also means that not only do terrorists have access to a wide array of HATE, they have the glorious option of spewing it at us from across the globe!
It's unfortunate however, that it has not occurred to them that there is no reason to post anti-American threats and lies, nope! Enough of it it is actually permeating our e-mail system quite well from none other than AMERICAN'S themselves!!! YEP!
Go ahead check your email...its there waiting for you.
How many "Obama is a muslim" e-mails do you get in a day?
How many "Call your congressman and stop the gays" requests?
How many "I'm White & Proud" letters do you read and then forward?
How many "Social Security to Illegal Immigrants" headlines do spend time indulging and then fuming about?
How many "English language to leave schools" messages do you gasp at?
How many commentarys have you read by 'George Carlin', 'Jay Leno', 'Bill Riley', or 'Paul Harvey'?? hmmm??
Come all know you read these, and the majority of you actually BELIEVE THEM!
And how many of you actually take the time to find out if they are indeed true, or actually written by the stated author?

Seriously! Do you really believe that any of these reporters, comedians or commentators actually scribed an E-MAIL TO THE WORLD???
Do you really believe that ANYONE would vote to give social security money to ANYONE who did NOT pay into the system themselves, or their spouse?
What exactly would you be doing for the world by preventing the GAYS from having the SAME constitutional rights as YOU?
and btw Obama is NOT a muslim...but let's also remember that NOT ALL muslim's are terrorists!!! It is NOT a prerequisite to the religion you know, kinda like being Pro-Life doesn't require you to be Catholic, nor does being of Hispanic origin doesn't make you an illegal!
Seriously people!!

It's insane, how a people with such mass information at their fingers fail to validate the bull shit rumors and lies that fill their inbox's. Its like e-mail has become the coffee shop of gossiper's and the birthing room for Urban Legends; reaching out in the masses and tainting our minds, ideals and our beliefs.
Yep...if I were a terrorist I would just sit back and watch, not do anything. American's will be the death of themselves. Spreading rumors and filth like wild fire. Gossiping and spreading hate and prejudice. We no longer have to worry about our teachers, neighbors or bullies to fill our children's minds with hate or disgust for others, nope, we now have the internet to do that for us!!

In my disgust for you all that continue to forward the lies, the hate, the filth, the self-serving, loathing bullshit I would like to pass along to you a few guidelines:
Three; not sure? SEE RULE ONE!!

Need some assistance in finding those facts? No problem!!
Here is where you do NOT look;
Wikipedia *this is a self-made encyclopedia of pple's opinions and thoughts*It is NOT a factually based compilation designed to replace the World Book!*
Blogs *these are ONLY the authors opinions & thoughts*they are NOT factual compilations of mass information**unless of course all sources are sited and all sources are NOT other blogs*
Myspace *while it is fun to meet new people, let's remember this IS the internet*anyone can be anyone!*
Facebook *same rule as Myspace*

Where CAN you look; urban legends, e-mails making claims, and all around tall tales can be checked here! * and NO Obama, George W, the Queen of England, Al-Qaida or the right wing of American government is NOT the creators or the contributors to this site!!!* all things political can be checked here, regardless of party, politician or bill. Check it here and save yourself the embarrassment of passing along mis-information and looking like a moron. again voting records, political statements and biographies of politicians all across america can be viewed here for REAL FACTS

I truly should never have had to write this blog, it should be a given that we Americans are MUCH SMARTER than this. That we are not a hate filled country of racists and prejudice holding, arrogant asses should have been obvious!
I can think of another country or two that fill their minds with hate, prejudice's, and self-fulfilling loathing....can you?
Do YOU really want AMERICA to be equated with them?
ahhhhh another bend in this ever winding road........
P.S ...again! Obama is NOT a muslim, a terrorist nor the owner of, ACORN or any other group of any kind!


Anonymous said...

The "Obama is a Muslim" is my favorite, because it is so ludicrous on the face.

I always want to ask, "Do you think America's enemies are as dumb as you are? Suppose a radical Islamic group decided to place an agent in the highest levels of the American government, do you really think they would go with a black guy named Barack?
His middle name is Hussein, and his last name even rhymes with Osama. A real Manchurian Candidate. Those Americans won't suspect a thing until it is too late, heh,heh,heh!

Jack said...

ahahah that is SOOOO TRUE!!
I totally agree! IF people actually took the time to THINK they would see just how ridiculous the whole idea is!
imagine the rumors that will fly once he takes office ahahahhahaha