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Thursday, September 11, 2008

How Many Days Has It Been?? has been wayyyy too long since my last very informative, totally hysterical and quite sarcastic post...but that is not the reason for this one.
I have had TONS of readily available political rhetoric, as the Political Season has been extended this year with the long, drug-out, terribly tiresome Primaries of the Democratic Party. Which of course included the long, boring, squibble amongst themselves meeting they referred to as a 'special session' ; that had to be called in order for them to decide if the rules they made years ago did indeed matter or not (they concluded that they didn't).
And the Democrats were not the only ones offering up boxes of ammunition for my pleasure, the republicans have given me MORE than their share of lies, scandal and misrepresentations.
I have not posted, because well there is SOOOO MUCH to talk about I fear overloading cyber-space with one mere post!!
But alas...I finally can take no more!
First we have the racist blurbs flying back and forth, then sexism rearing its ugly head, oh and let's not forget the 'ageism' discrimination! I do believe the only discrimination in this never-ending race to not be mentioned is that of the American CITIZENS!!
Has anyone noticed that through out all of this bashing, spewing and stupidity NOT ONCE have we been asked what we think??
Are we NOT the ones who get to DECIDE who wins? While campaigns have indeed been sold to the highest bidder in more than one election, I INSIST MY VOTE COUNTS!
It would do the the media, the administration and the candidates to REMEMBER THAT!
On this day of rememberance in the lives of EVERY American I want each of you to remember that its is YOU & I that get to decide who will protect us in the next administration, who will lead us out of the perpetual rut we have fallen, and it is US that will decide WHAT MATTERS!
This is 2008 and yet the MEDIA has insisted that gender, race and age matter more to you and me than the Economy, the War, Terrorism, Education and Health Care.
Every day at any given moment you can flip on the television, the internet, open a newspaper and you will hear the constant argument of who has more elected experience, who had harder times in there life than you, who is more patriotic, who is more in tuned to your ideals and beliefs (although your ideas and beliefs are NEVER mentioned)!
Well, here ya go..
Here is EXACTLY how many days EACH have been in ELECTED Office......

John McCain who served in the U.S.House of Representatives (1983–87) ; or 1,460 daysand the U.S.Senate (1987– present) or; a little over 7,540 days thus far

Governor Sarah Palin made history on Dec. 4, 2006, when she took office. which was about 604 days before she was selected as McCains running mate.Wasilla Alaska's Mayor term is 3 years, thus she gets 6 years for being mayor twice; or 2,190 days

Barack Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996, where he remained until 2004; thats 2,920 days, In 2004 he was elected to the United State Senate where he remains; that is a little over 2, 795 thus far.

Joe Biden who has served as a U.S Senator since 1973 or; 9,855 days

therefore days served in Public Office:
McCain 9,000
Palin 2,794
Obama 5,715
Biden 9,855
or a combined total of:
McCain/Palin = 11,794 days of Elected Office
Obama/Biden = 15,570 days of Elected Office
* 3,776 days MORE EXPERIENCE THAN McCain/Palin*

Now how many of you really give a crap?? How many of you are now MORE impressed with one or the other?
EXACTLY!! The American Citizen DOES NOT CARE!
What we do care about is what there individual plans are for:
Health Care
Alternative Fuels/Energy
Terrorism/Homeland Security
& the War

With only 54 days til WE DECIDE you would think the media would focus on the REAL afterall, they too, ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS and the decision will GREATLY EFFECT THEM TOO!!

well that is life down this winding out for the potholes...

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KyDust said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Jack! Throughout this whole election period, everyone is squaking at suck stupid, little things like they're a big deal, as you have explained. I always like to think people can be smart, but it's stupid things like this that prove me wrong. A very good post, Jack!

...I never got registered to vote though! =(