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Monday, February 25, 2008

I Don't Mind You Telling Me What's Been On Your Mind Lately.

Happy Valentine’s Day Month, everybody!!! This is a very important month for us all, because it’s the time where our love for one another is tested. Whether it be your spouse, fiancé, boy/girlfriend, or just partner of the day, weekend, week or month, if you don’t own up to your duties as being in love on Valentine’s Day you won’t be getting your ugly bumped in a very long time. At least, not by your lover of the moment. Many people don’t like Valentine’s Day just because it really is so much pressure. I don’t really mind it because I’m single and it’s just another day to me, but then again I LOVE the people who are single and complain about it! They just crack me up by all their whining about how they don’t have to be pressured into spending tons of money for someone who they’ll probably be broken up within a week anyways, when really they should be thankful. Love is not about a single day, anyways. It’s about surprising your lover by waking them up in the middle of the night to a special something-something on Flag Day! Support the troops! *salutes*

Bai Ling's $16 Arrest
Actress Bai Ling, a native of China that really claims to be from the Moon, was arrested at an LA airport because she stole about $16 worth of goods from one of the convenience stores in it. I did not even know you could get arrested for stealing $16 worth of stuff! Maybe she just thought the line for the counter started at the door! If I had been working I simply would have asked her to pay. $16! That is far from a big deal, in my opinion, but then again if it does not get stopped now she’ll probably try to steal again. I just can’t believe she had the cops called on her for $16! That’s good stuff! Apparently, she was very cooperative. This proves my point even more about how she just thought the line started at the door. If you need anything Bai, just give me a call! Well, except not this week because I have finals. And not this weekend because I have plans with my brother, in which I'm still figuring out what they are.

Heidi’s Going Higher Again
Last time I showed everyone her disaster of a music video. Rumor has it that she’s going to redo the music video because of all of the negative comments it’s been receiving. Well… That’s fine, but what about the music? That’s not going to change how you sound! Apparently, because she had more hits or comments than Britney Spears she thought that she was winning. To explain the hits, it’s like seeing a massive car wreck, in which you just can’t take your eyes off of it because it’s so bad! And of course you're going to want to show all of your friends what you've just seen, it's only humanly natural! As for the comments, these people are not saying, “We like your music!" and "Please make more!” Okay? These are angry messages telling you to go away and to stop singing! She also keeps talking about how her budget for the video was $0. Well... that's very obvious just by watching it. Moving on to another singer with problems…

Britney's Faking Being Normal
Britney Spears is actually acting normal, everybody! In fact, she has even seen her children again just the other day. Here’s my favorite part of this story, though! There are claims that it’s all just an act so that she can get her fortune back as soon as possible. I’m not how someone could be so aloof that they had to fake being normal! Maybe this will put her back onto the right path! Apparently the conservatorship is driving her crazy. Personally, I think we should give Jamie (her father) about a year to fix all the damages that Lutfi guy has done! Jamie basically had to rehire her entire security detail because Lutfi dismissed almost the entire staff! Changing the locks was also a smart move on Jamie’s part. And now that Lutfi is out of the picture, at least for a while, I think we’ll start seeing some positive changes. I think her father has really made a lot of good moves on her behalf, and I hope she realizes it. Everyone should pay attention when I say nice things, because I don’t usually have any nice things to say ever!

Spice Girls Cut World Tour Short
You know when you get back together will an ex-friend, ex-girlfriend, or ex-boyfriend? There’s that whole awkwardness happening there… I’m assuming that is what has happened to make the Spice Girls end their tour early. They’re saying that it’s for personal commitments to their families and own lives. They also are telling us that they never even thought the tour would be as long as it was! I just… don’t know about that! At first they were telling us how great it was and how they wanted to do it “right” one last time. Ending early is not doing it right! Apparently, there are also a lot of fans in China or somewhere who are very disappointed in them ending their tour early! Yet another story reveals that Posh was the one wanting to drop out of the group and starting cat fights between them! Whatever it may be, tomorrow is the last day to see them! I would say they're definitely not reuniting again after this! Ever!

That’s it for now! I have to go actually do some school work now! It involves taking finals, so it’s definitely not going to be very fun. Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, and if you have not I'm sorry I did not post my advice about that day sooner, but there’s always next year! Remember to comment! Every time you don’t leave us a comment, Larry King gets one more liver spot added to his back. Now there’s a visual for you!

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Jack said...

KY!! We must NOT Have more liver spots on Larry King ewwwww!!
I apologize for missing my post last week, but *sigh* my computer has gone to computer heaven,or perhaps it is I am sure I cursed it plenty!! :)
As usual your insight to the lives of the celebrated, stalked and mentally ill has enlightened me and once again reminded me of just how fortunate we are to be here in Iowa lost among the corn and beans, neatly tucked away from the paparozzi and youtube guru's! :)
It's AWESOME to see you got your writing groove back :) hmmm maybe I should blog about that lol*

Anonymous said...

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