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Friday, October 29, 2010

They Claim They Want Small Government!~Really?

When the GOP rally's its forces, it's follower's and its many radical fear mongers it does so all in the name of 'Small Government'. Really?
Perhaps the Republican party should define exactly what it means by 'small government', as its actions often speak loudly contradictory to that platform.
They claim they do not want Government Run Healthcare, yet they clearly WANT the Government to dictate a woman's right to choose what she can and can't do with her own body!
They don't want the government dictating our healthcare and want to stop spending yet eagerly except the large financial contributions of pharmaceutical companies, insurance giants and the like. I guess its hard to spend OUR money on the things that contradict all the money they are taking in!
They claim they believe in transparency yet allow Monsanto to continue to poison our food supply while NOT having to label GMO foods! As well as NOT requiring rigorous testing of these same foods BEFORE they allowed them into our grocery store!
America is getting sicker every year and this little formula only leads to more money for the pharmaceutical an insurance companies. Think this is just coincidence?
They claim they want small government and free enterprise, yet they fail to mention that they refuse to protect the rights of women to earn equal pay. They are quite content with 'men' being superior to women. Really?
They claim they don't want the government running people's lives, yet want to amend our Constitution to deny basic rights to ALL Americans! They want small government but they want it to ONLY give rights to the 'groups' they select as worthy enough.
In Iowa there is a group desperately trying to oust our Justices for legalizing same-sex marriage in our state. They are claiming these judges are 'activists' and have no right to morally corrupt our society. Really?
How does upholding the Constitution makes you an 'activist'? The Constitution CLEARLY states that All men are created equal, that every American has the RIGHT to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It does NOT then define what that 'happiness' HAS to be.
They claim same-sex marriage is a moral issue. Really? Then that more reason we can NOT allow our Constitution to be amended to deny rights to one group of people based on a religious moral issue. As NO law must be envoked based upon one religions belief.
If 'same-sex marriage' is a religious and moral issue then ALL marriage is a religious and moral issue and NONE should be 'legally recognized' by our government period!
This election season I do hope you all 'hear' the entire message the GOP is putting out there. They are selling more than they are claiming!

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Anonymous said...

So true. Fear mongering seems to be their forte not providing solutions.