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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What Party Am I??

Its been a while since I posted a rant or a rave. So I apologize now for the inevitable length of this one.
Its not due to lack of subject that is for sure. The discourse an tragedy befalling our country since last I posted is running rampant an wild lending to much to be discussed. Perhaps it’s the distaste of it all that has left me wary to pen the words that so frequent my mind.
America blatantly an without a doubt voted for CHANGE yet all it has gotten is the status quo crammed down its throat. What the voter forgot was you cannot have Change if everyone isn’t on board.
Sure the democrats won huge an while they don’t necessarily ‘need’ the vote of the Republican to move many things forward it has been the persistent resistance of the right wing that has put just how things are really done in this country to the forefront.
Let’s face it they lost BIG! They are pissed an instead of ‘hearing’ the voice of the voter, of those that hire them their plan is to NOT participate. The entire republican party has turned into a group of elementary whiners whose only course of action is inaction.
They think if they refuse to support a single thing, whether or not its good for the country, then the voter will blame the democrats an they will regain their power in the next election cycle.
Uhm…..why should they? They were in power for 8 years an what exactly did they accomplish that was good for America?
Al Queida has yet to be brought to justice, Bin Laden roams free, the majority of world thinks so much less of us as we invaded a country an violated our own rules against torture that we have vehemently upheld when others were in violation.
Republicans claim to have the answer to real health care reform yet did NOTHING for 8years while they could have, nor did any previous Republican president or congress.
They claim they have the answer to real immigration reform yet voted AGAINST their own ideas because the democrats got on board with it.
They insisted a bail out was the answer when George W was President, now they claim our country’s problems are based on the bail out Obama authorized? How about a bail out was WRONG regardless who did it? Sure it could have put our once mighty country at great risk to let it fall so far financially, but isn’t that the risk of free enterprise? Isn’t that what we all signed on for?
Oh I am not supporting the Democrats either. They became so irritated at the lack of participation by the other side they began forcing bills thru for the mere point of passing something, anything whether the other side liked it or not. How was that a good idea?
Health Reform long overdue became a joke then was crammed down our throats whether or not we supported the final cut. We lost the public option in an attempt to gather support from across the aisle, mostly due to the ‘public’ not really understanding what it meant. Those of us that pay attention to something other than the twisted media knew the public option was NOT Universal Health Care that would be 100% funded by the federal government, but that is certainly the message the right wing wanted you all to hear.
The public option meant I would have the OPTION of purchasing health care from the same pool as my congressmen. The key word being PURCHASE. Yes we would still have had to pay for our own policies.
But instead we now have a load of crap on the books demanding an making mandatory that I buy insurance that only I can decide if I can afford!! An if I can’t I will be fined. Thank you Republicans for having all the answers….Yes I do blame you. Your inaction led to this an your inaction screwed me! I will remember this on election day.
I will remember on election day that all your INACTION led to the crap that passed and I WILL hold YOU accountable.
As for the Democrats that became the playground bullies of Pennsylvania Avenue you are not off the hook either.
You boast the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell yet nothing has changed. It’s a pretty cut an dry issue whats the hold up?
Our constitution gives us ALL the right to freedom an the pursuit of happiness. ALL of us. It does not say *except……gays, poor, disabled, green, purple or blue* it says ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Why can’t ALL Americans serve an protect THEIR country??
You blame the hold up on the Republicans, the party that believes their interpretation of their Christian religion should dictate all of man-kind. Really? If you didn’t need them to pass health reform then why do you wait for them on this??
So what do those of us do that don’t have a PARTY affiliation. Where do we fit into a country that is so over run an controlled by TWO party lines? How did we even let this happen?
I believe in the right to bear arms, because our constitution says so. I believe EQUAL rights means exactly that EQUAL. I don’t think I should have more rights than any other Citizen of our country for any reason.
I also believe in a woman’s right to choose, because NO government body should have control over MY body. Less government really does mean LESS people.
I believe in a power greater than myself but I am also a scientist an know evolution exists. I believe in a country as great as ours that if you work, pay taxes an don’t break the law you should have health care an not go bankrupt because of it. But the only people we give free health care to are those that don’t work or are in our prisons. How does this make sense?
If I work an pay taxes my children should have health care REGARDLESS of any pre-existing condition. Don’t we all have a ‘pre-existing’ condition of some sort? Why do a bunch of lobbyist get to decide which ones count against us?
We should ‘level the playing field’ when it seeks to harm those it claims to protect. Health Insurance companies should not be allowed to make rules that seek to disclude those they claim to be in business for, nor should they be allowed to jack the rates so high that it ensures the poor an most likely to be ill are not included.
Wall Street should be allowed to do business in such a way that makes money but it should include full disclosure to those they prey upon.
Private corporations should get to decide how much they charge for their services but should not be allowed to build its profits on the destruction of society.
Regulation is not control an Control is not regulation, its time congress knew the difference.
So where do I fit in? Where is MY America?
Its not on the tips of the Right-Wing that seeks to give rights to only a select few, nor is it with the Democrats that seek to spend money instead of regulate it.
Many of us now find ourselves unrepresented. This discourse has only lent to the formation of radical groups like the Tea Party. A group of hate mongers who are so fed up with the status quo they only seek to rock the boat to its tipping point. They aren’t about a better America, they are merely about another America that represents a single agenda..theirs!
Wouldn’t it be nice if being a politician wasn’t a career choice? If serving was an honor an limited. If no one was in office long enough to be ‘owned’ by a lobbyist or special interest group an if those we elected to office really did represent US.
Some one smack me..I am obviously dreaming!
Oh the road is ever winding an the toll keeps climbing……


KyDust said...

I'm so glad you posted this, because it's exactly how I feel! It's hard to even vote when you don't agree 100% with either party. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels out of the loop of being a pure party choice. I don't pay attention to politics much usual, but this bill-pushing that's going on right now is even making me nervous! And if I know about something like this, understand it, and think it's bad then that's not a good sign. LOL! Let's run for President.

Jack said...

YESSSS!! let's run for President!~ We would certainly do a much better job. We dont owe anyone any favors, are not on first name basis with any lobbyists, we despise pork and its false 'other white meat' claims.
we wouldnt spend any money to bail out companies that spent more than they made, families that bought houses they could not afford or on a health system we didnt bother to fix.