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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Paging Dr. Bush...

The rising cost of health care in this country and our president wants nothing more than to ensure that more of us end up bankrupt!
Michael Moore hit it on the head when he called it SICKO. That is exactly what our president is….a SICKO!!
Congress has approved 35billion dollars to give health care coverage to the millions of children whose parents can’t afford it. Sounds great huh? After all, when a child goes to the Emergency room with no coverage those of us with health insurance end up paying the bill anyway, right? Our premiums go up because the hospitals have to charge more for basic cares in order to absorb the costs of all the non-paying victims of our current health care system.
You can travel the halls of any major hospital in America and you will find dozens of children fighting for their lives. Many who may lose that struggle because they didn’t get to the doctor in time. If only they had, had health insurance they could have gotten treatment sooner.
What if it were YOUR CHILD?
Wouldn’t it be better to just raise our taxes and give everyone health care?
Well not according to Mr. George W. He thinks 5 billion dollars is enough! He doesn’t think that all children should have coverage. He claims that if we give health care to all children we will be ‘socializing’ health care.
Socializing health care? How is that a bad thing?
How is it a bad thing to be able to take your child to the doctor when they need it?
How is it a bad thing for companies to run more efficiently because no one is home sick?
How is it a bad thing for save lives with preventative medicine?
Canada has ‘socialized’ their health care system. You won’t hear anyone up there complaining! They still have the right to purchase private insurance if they want. Their insurance companies still make a profit.
Sure they might wait to get in to see a specialist, but if everyone has the right to go to the doctor we would have waiting lists too!
We don’t wait a few weeks to see a specialist. Could that be, because no one can afford to go! If you take the 15 or so million people in our country who don’t have health insurance and give them a place in line at the doctor I suppose that line will get long! HOW IS THAT A BAD THING??
Have we reduced ourselves to being a country of selfishness?
Do we all really only think of ourselves?
The uninsured can’t go to the doctors office because they can’t pay. So they wait. They wait til after 5pm and hit the Emergency rooms of the county hospitals, because they CAN’T TURN THEM AWAY!!
So instead of a $75.00 bill at the doctors office, they leave behind a $475.00 bill at the local ER.!! Do you think those bills go unpaid? YOU’RE WRONG!
If you don’t think the uninsured people of America affects you, THINK AGAIN! When your premiums go up, when your medicine skyrockets, when you’re local hospital can’t afford to keep specialists on staff IT WILL EFFECT YOU!!!
WE PAY THEM! YOU & ME and everyone else with insurance PAYS THOSE BILLS!
We pay them with higher premiums, higher prescription costs, higher co-pays, higher deductibles. WE PAY THEM!
When those families bankrupt who do you think picks up the tab? Do you really think those companies wipe the slate clean and call it a day? NOPE!
They raise their interest rates, they raise their purchase prices and lower their quality to make up for it. And guess who pays for that??
Wouldn’t it just be better for ALL of us to pay?
To pay a bit more taxes across the board than to deal with the rising costs of health insurance and prescription drugs??
Wouldn’t it be better to give health care to everyone than to pay more for less?
Don’t let the incompetence, stubbornness, and idiocy of our president take another child’s life. Don’t let this administration declare your child not worthy of health care.
Don’t let George W. Bush decide who lives and who dies.
Don’t let him decide what children deserve health care.
fillin' in the pot holes one by one on this ever winding road.......
t.r mugler

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