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Friday, September 21, 2007


What does Eunice Louisiana, Atlanta Georgia, and Dallas Texas all have in common? Well its more than their southern roots, its more like their southern booties!
They all want to pass a law that forces baggy pant wearing youth to 'PAY UP OR PULL UP'!
A fine for showing off your Calvin Kleins or Joe Boxers? Perhaps this is merely another tactic to win the war on drugs? Afterall, CRACK does KILL!
Louisiana legislators have taken this to a whole new level. They actually have a bill in the house awaiting a vote! House Bill 1626 will make it unlawful for anyone to appear in public wearing pants below the waist "..thereby exposing his skin or intimate clothing."
Intimate clothing? How many guys do you know that wear 'intimate clothing'? Perhaps this is just an underhanded way to discriminate against the cross-dresser? hmmmm
Or is it merely a way to get cheap labor? The bill will call for the violator to submit to 3 eight hour days of community service and pay a $175.00 fine!
Well I for one hope this law isn't just for the young hip hoppers, imagine how useful this bill will actually be when you get free labor from all those PLUMBERS!!!
What a great way to rebuild New Orleans! and all those fines...oooo just think! They will certainly collect more money than FEMA and much less time!
We have been staring at the ass cracks of blue collar workers for centuries and no law has ever been considered for the disgust they display, now that teenagers are annoying their parents with this 'fashion statement' people actually want to create a law to prevent it!
COME ON PEOPLE GET OVER IT!!! No law ever went to the legislator over hot pants, short-shorts, spandex or halter tops, showing off your boxers shouldn't be any different.
With all the men and women dying in foreign countries for reasons most of us can't even recall, leaving children without parents, with all the gang violence running rampant in the streets of inner cities and the children dying from diseases that have no cures and no supported research, and all the children who have no health care coverage, it amazes me how our law makers will collect our tax dollars and pay themselves for a job well done after spending our time, our money on something so insane as the clothing our children wear!
ahhhh life on the winding road :)

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