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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Passing of the Torch.....

Well here we you all knew I would not let today come and go without weighing in!! or at least sending out my two cents on the happenings of the last month leading up to this glorious moment in our history.
The day is unfolding into an energy we haven't seen since...well November 4th :)
While we watch and wait let's do a bit of reflection shall we.....
This past year was one filled with many life-altering changes for EVERY American. Regardless of the side of the road you stand, or if you wander somewhere in the middle, this past year affected you in ways you never thought possible.
Personally I find myself trying to imagine what it is that is going through the mind of Ann Coulter this morning... yep I said Ann know the most hatefilled, self-absorbed right winged bitch to ever be allowed to spew their filth across the air-waves.
You know her...she is the best-selling author a new book that literally blames all of the world's problems on SINGLE MOTHERS!!~ She rants and raves in her usual 'my opinion is gods' fashion while quoting supposed reliable statistics about the over crowding in our prisons is due to children being raised by SINGLE MOTHERS...she slams Obama by name claiming he only identified with his father and speaking ill of his mother...which all know is NOT TRUE!!~
But there we have it...on this 20th day of January 2009 a child raised by a SINGLE MOTHER and his grandparents taking the oath of the highest office in the land!
How can one woman preach such hate and point the finger at one group ....not only blaming single moms for over crowded jails, highschool drop out rates and poverty itself, but in the same breath demanding abortion become illegal??? huh?
well there ya have it...the woman is so set on hate she contradicts her own beliefs and still demands she is the only one right.
My only question to Miss Coulter (yes, that is MISS...who the hell could stand to marry her?) I wanna know just what SHE is going to do to change this? What is she, herself, going to do to help bring about the change she claims we need? or is she going to do what she always does...sit on the side lines, pointing the finger and insisting HATE is the only way to salvation? Will she continue to attempt to rally the world to vote all the single mothers off the island? exile and banish all LGBT ?? demand that everyone become a Christian or be persecuted? Or will Ann Coulter actually make an attempt to do something USEFUL for a change?* but hey we can dream can't we? hehe this may shock you all, but it needs to be said...
George W. Bush....a man I have never been fond of, a man that NEVER should have been allowed in politics let alone Commander in Chief...however....
Anyone that watched his final address to the Nation may have walked away miffed at his insistance he did nothing wrong during his presidency. He stood behind every decision he made, he embraced every screw up as merely a 'disappointment', but never a 'mistake'.
First....would an apology really matter to any of us anyway?
Second....did he not do EXACTLY what we expect of our President?
Seriously!!~ We put a man in office with intent that HE DO exactly what HE believes is in the best interest of the rest of us. We vote for the person we feel shares the majority of our beliefs or at least our key beliefs. We expect them to act without waivering, to stand behind their convictions and NOT crumble to poll pressures. We want a President that truly believes in his country, his purpose and himself. Well we got that man in George W.
He is a man that does NOT waiver, does NOT second guess himself and truly believes he had this countries best interest at heart.
He did exactly what we expect our presidents to do.
Oh sure we NEVER agreed with him, and he certainly screwed up our relationship with the rest of the world, allowed millions to lose their jobs as he gave incentives to send them overseas, didn't react to the imminent threats that brought our entire country to their feet on 09/11/2001, and yes he supported torture, the invasion of a country, all the while he held on to his personal investments in foreign oil, and yes he flew over New Orleans while continuing his vacation and yes he even stopped our research in its tracks putting us behind other countrys by years, then gave away our tax dollars when the banks of America sent Wall-Street into oblivion!
So as we send yet another man into office, hand over the reigns of our country yet we sit by and hope he does exactly what we wanted him to do.....let's all keep in perspective what that 'wish' truly is.
well I will be blogging all check back often....
as the day unfolds let's embrace the passing of the torch with a new hope, a new energy and a new AMERICA ......

though the road is always asphalt feels soooooo good under the tires......

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