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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Crossing the Line....

When does being a parent cross the line? I'll tell you. It crosses the line when a parent has the legal right to permanently mame and disfigure their own child in the name of LOVE!
Wonder what it is I am talking about.....well if you haven't had the news on lately or surfed the mass information on the world wide web then I invite you to visit this site....but beware and take will not only cause your blood to boil but will no doubt force a nausea to rise up that you have never known. and don't forget to read the 'comments' section...there you will find an entire group of like minded idiotic selfish bastards who have not only NEVER walked in the shoes of a parent of a disabled child but many of whom have never even had a child!
This family repeatedly makes contradictions in their lengthy statement and so called defense of what they call the 'Ashley Treatment'.
The family clearly states this was NOT a difficult decision! They did it easily! and apparently Selfishly! there is no part of what they have done to this helpless, vulnerable child that will make her life easier!
How is living without breasts going to make her life better? pedophiles certainly do NOT care if she has them or not. How is having her growth permanently stunted going to make her life easier for her? According to her family she doesn't use it anyway.
How can so many read this and NOT see the contradictions in these parents statements. for instance they claim she 'expresses delight' when they 'visit' her in her room . Firs who 'visit's their child in their own home?? Mine is always wherever we are. YES MY CHILD IS DISABLED!! second, they are claiming she expresses emotion then go on to claim she lacks the cognitive ability to recognize dignity?
They also claim that Ashley's ONLY caregivers are "Mom and Dad the only additional care givers entrusted to Ashley’s care are her two Grandmothers, " and "We would never turn the care of Ashley over to strangers.." well if that is the case then why are they concerned with sexual abuse, or pregnancy???
They also claim she has not shown any cognitive development past a 3month old...yet also state and I quote "Ashley is alert and aware of her environment.." and " She constantly moves her arms and kicks her legs. Sometimes she seems to be watching TV intently. She loves music and often gets in celebration mode of vocalizing, kicking, and choreographing/conducting with her hands when she really likes a song (Andrea Boccelli is her favorite –.."
The contradictions are enormous and ridiculous.
As many of you know I have and do walk the shoes of a parent of a child with a disability. I am a single parent, and my child is in a wheelchair, does not speak, gets her period every month, and weighs well over a 100 lbs. I would certainly NOT make her disabilities worse by carving her up and overdosing her on estrogen to prevent her from growing!
There are options this family did NOT consider and that is unfortunate. Ashley has the option of living a full life with her body still in tact...but these people who claim to love her the most took that from her..they claim it wasn't selfish..but it so plainly is. For they have failed to make a realistic statement in defense of this so called 'treatment'. The claim the doctors never pinpointed Ashely's diagnosis yet call this carving up of their child a treatment...a treatment of what exactly??
I cannot believe we live in a country that allows a parent to butcher their own child and then prevent their bodies from growing into healthy average adults. They did not TREAT theri daughters condition they merely satisfied a pathetic need to be in control!! I cannot begin to describe the pain I am feeling ..and no this post is NOT a gut reaction. I have read their page several times in the last few days....and my reaction remains the same....They did NOT act out of love, They acted out of selfishness and fear.
I ask each of you reading this to please contact your local, state and federal representatives, tell them how appalled you are, let them know this kind of inhumane treatment cannot and will not be tolerated in our country!! We are the United States of America...Here we are ALL created EQUAL!!!
yet another pot hole in this winding road we call life.....
t.r mugler

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