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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Organ donation = stem cell research??

Ok, so those of you that know me, know that I am very adamant about stem cell research, embryonic stem cells to be specific.
I am sick of hearing and seeing the constant mudslinging ads on the television during 'political season' which isn't much unlike duck or pheasant season except you don't need a license or special tag to attack the unsuspecting pelt of the hunted.

One ad in particular keeps stinging my eyes here in Iowa.
It seems we have an idiot that wants to ban ALL STEM CELL RESEARCH in this country. He thinks 'killing embryo's is an act against god'...who's god?
First I do believe that politics is NOT suppose to allow for the mixing of church and state? hmmmm
but more importantly this is NOT a religous issue.

To NOT allow stem cell research on embryonic stem cells is like NOT allowing organ donations!!
How? well it certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out...its apparent that this particular politician is NOT only not a scientist he is an uneducated rich boy trying to dig deeper into our pockets and less into his own.

So...lesson number one:
Embryonic stem cells are extracted from embryo's that were initially fertilized for couple's who desire to have children via invitro fertilization.

lesson number two: Now...when the 'harvesting' of the eggs occurs, many many dozens of eggs are collected. These are fertilized and then FROZEN for later use.
Lesson number three: When the prospective mother is implanted NOT all the eggs are implanted at once. Approximately 2-3 fertilized eggs are implanted at one time to increase the odds of a 'viable fetus'.
and lesson number four: The remaining eggs REMAIN FROZEN until which time the parents decide to

a)try again as success didn't occur the first time
b) have more children in the future
oH YOU read that right! When the parents decide they do not wish to have more children or try again the embryo's are 'destroyed' and this means they are 'thrown away' soooo on to my comparison...
Now....if a person dies his or her family can give permission to DONATE their ORGANS to save someone elses life..RIGHT??
well if this embryo is meant for DEATH and is going to be thrown away then why can't its parents DONATE its 'potential' organs to save someone's life??
Abortion is legal in this country... and its programs FUNDED BY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT...but embryonic stem cell research CANNOT BE??
well I would never take a woman's right to choose from her, so how could I deny a patient with Parkinson's the right to a cure? or sentence a child with diabetes to a life of pain and limb amputations? or deny an Alzheimers patient the right to remember his life?
How does embryonic stem cell research differ from Organ Donation? I truly want to know.
When you go to the polls this election season know your facts and your candidates....

You owe it to your family, your neighbor, and the children you have never met.
ahhhhhh life on this winding road....
t.r mugler

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