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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year = New Beginnings???

Iowa's Asphalt
Well a new year is once again upon us and the tragedy's of the past are quickly being gobbled up by newer ones.
From the Tsunami, Katrina, the endless slaying in Iraq, the ungodly hike in fuel prices, right into the fires engulfing Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Just when you thought it was safe to go out the mudslides and flooding envelope California and the hard working men of Virginia become trapped in a mine!
Where are the presidents 'hidden camera's' when you really need them? I am sure the families of those trapped would like a bird eye view of the terror their loved one's are undoubtedly experiencing. Ah,but the 'spying' of our government is reserved for those Mr. Bush himself chooses. We all know they don't really have to have so called 'terrorists ties' they just need to in some way annoy George W.
Of course the fuel prices are all part of a higher plan to protect the 'interest' in foreign oil that our beloved President is so fond of. Even though his only 'interest' is in his own personal pocket book....such is the American way.
When will this all end?
Those on the religious wing insist it is Armageddon while the more spiritually inclined chant that it is Mother Earth merely wreaking havoc on those that blatantly continue to disrespect her.
So whether or not you believe the world is coming to its judgment or the Earth is about to flip over on its axis into a temper tantrum of disaster it is very clear that 2006 very well may mirror that not so distant past of 2005.
Personally while I feel that Mother Earth has every right to be pissed and open her secret can of whoop ass upon the worlds populations I can't help but find that spot in the forefront of my mind that screams perhaps this is the reaction to the actions of our ever present but ever screwing up administration. While governmental decisions certainly cannot predict the weather or natural disasters one cannot help but ponder the possibility of Karma. hmmmmmmm
Just my two cents on this winding highway....
Jack (aka t.r mugler)

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